My name is Leslie Banks, and I'm a proud stay-at-home

A former contract manager, I left corporate America after my
son was born and rediscovered my teenage passion for
photography.  I enjoyed photographing my family and our
travels with the freedom of digital technology so much that I
began selling my images through online commercial stock
photo agencies.   

As my son grew, it became evident that he was experiencing
significant developmental delays.  By the age of three, he
could utter only about 10 words and lacked the dexterity to
communicate well with sign language.  As a result, he was full
of anxiety and often withdrawn.  Working together with
therapists and special education teachers, we began to slowly
unlock his speech one sound, word and phrase at a time.  

Along the way, I discovered that using my photographs was
an effective tool for helping him develop his vocabulary and
sentence structure.   Verbalizing the photos through
repetition and social stories helped him overcome his
expressive language challenges.  Now, it's hard to get him to
stop talking!

Through my experience, I have developed these products in
the hopes that your loved one can learn to communicate with
pictures, too.
About Me
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