Word Builders:  Red
This fun, photo-filled children's book teaches beginning words featuring the color red.  The first book in
the Word Builders series, readers can learn everyday vocabulary using bright, colorful photographs - red
strawberries, red toys, a red dragonfly and more!  See words in action, find red objects and explore the
color red in our natural world. This book is perfect for early education learning, preschoolers, home
schoolers, and special needs children!

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Word Builders:  Birds
Learn early reading skills with the help
of our feathered friends - Birds!  This
colorful, interactive  children's book
teaches simple words and sentences
along with facts about birds.  Learn
the names of many kinds of birds,
what they do, what they eat, where
they live, their colors, and more!  This
book is a visual delight that will make
you smile.
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