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A portion of all imageSpeak proceeds will go to Jill's House -
a very special place for special needs children.
Please join me in supporting Jill's House!  

• Buy my
products and a portion of the proceeds will go to Jill's House.

• Or visit the
Jill's House website and contribute directly to this amazing
Jill's House provides overnight respite care for children with special needs.  Located in Northern Virginia, this
state-of-the-art facility staffed with professional caregivers serves children between the ages of six and seventeen with  
intellectual disabilities.  Jill's House provides a joyful experience of fun and adventure in a safe, friendly environment,
while giving their families a much-needed rest from caring for these special children.  You can read more about their
stories on the
As the parent of a child with developmental delays, I know first-hand the need for a place like Jill's House.  Years of
insufficient sleep, hundreds of therapy visits, and the mental demands of deciphering a verbally impaired child's needs
is physically and emotionally exhausting.  And my child's case is relatively mild!   It is critical that these families receive
respite so that they can go on another day with added strength to care for their loved ones.   

Several years ago, when I learned Jill's House was being constructed, I knew that I wanted to help.  When it opened, I
became a volunteer, but I wanted to do more to contribute financially.  Creating imageSpeak has given me that
opportunity.  I encourage you to visit their
website and become inspired to help, too.