Fun and Games - Set 1
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Buy these high-quality, printable PDF sheets to make your
own inexpensive photo communication system.  Print them
on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper, photo paper, or cardstock
and cut out each word-identified photo as many times as
you want!  Each sheet contains 20 2" x 2" real-life
photographic images in a given category.  Perfect for adding
to your PECS photo collection!

Click on a link below to see a large image of each PDF sheet
and to purchase.  Check back frequently for new sets.
PDF Printables
Fruit - Set 1
Back to School - Set 1
Animals - Set 1
Animals - Set 2
Actions - Set 1
Food & Beverage - Set 1
Food & Beverage - Set 2
Feelings - Set 1
Word Builders:  Red Book